Brings life to your style

Anthurium (the Flamingo Flower) is a plant which will glow with happiness if you give it a light position. Whether you have a traditional or trendy interior, the Flamingo Flower will bring your style to life.

Flamingo Flower 

The Flamingo Flower is a popular guest and not only in your home. The plant is loved for its shiny green leaves, its colourful spathe and spadix. It will help you to give your interior an instant red, pink, purple, yellow, white or green uplift, as well as make you feel happier. 

Anthurium, thejoyofplants

Latin Flamingo 

The Flamingo Flower shines happily in your living room, but did you know that the plant actually comes from Latin America? In 1857 it emigrated with the Austrian doctor and botanist Dr. Karl van Scherzer, who found the first type of Flamingo Flower in South America. Nowadays we know more than 500 varieties of Flamingo Flower and the plant has fans all over the world, not just because of its appearance but also because it has modest requirements.