Engaging showstopper that shines

The perfect lipstick that transforms you into a vision of loveliness despite a dull outfit - that’s the best comparison for the anthurium. This plant brings colour, shine and light into your life.

Woonplant van de maand Anthurium

Colours and shapes

You can recognise the anthurium by its shiny green leaves, colourful bracts and curious spike. That spike features small bumps - the anthurium’s flowers. But perhaps you already knew that. The plant comes in red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white or green. Collect the whole set!


It’s no surprise that the anthurium symbolises exotic beauty. The name of this long-flowering plant is derived from the Greek words 'anthos' and 'oura', which mean ‘flowering’ and ‘tail’. This is a clear reference to the flowering spike.


The plant emigrated to Europe from the rainforests of South America in 1857. It travelled with the Austrian physician and botanist Dr. Karl van Scherzer, who couldn’t wait to share the anthurium with a wider audience. We now know that there are more than 500 species of anthurium, and the plant has fans around the globe.