The Anthurium generates a sense of peace

Trend watcher Alex Speelman all about the sturdy, flowering houseplant

From London to Paris; trend watcher Alex Speelman sees many interior and clothing shops that use plants extensively in their styling. The Anthurium (Flamingo Flower) is often used to give a sense of peace. We completely agree with that!

Flamingo Flowers generate a sense of peace in these hectic timesCopyright:
Flamingo Flowers bring peace from earlier times, back again

Trend plant Anthurium

The trend watcher and incidentally designer for B&C Raamdecoratie (window decoration) travels the whole world, looking for the newest trends. He is currently busy with the trends for 2016, which he is sharing with interior designers, department stores, buyers and the press. Flamingo Flowers are playing an important role in the ‘I want a sense of peace’ trend.

"After the fast pace of life we now want some peace, we want to be bored again."

Anthurium revival

Alex: “One of the main trends in this current fast paced world, is that we want more peace, actually just like it used to be. To fit in with that trend, certain plants are experiencing a revival. “My mother had a red Anthurium and when I think back to that time, it gives me a good feeling.” Anthurium also works well in our time because it is a plant which stays healthy for a long time and you never find it in silk or plastic. Alex: “I really hate that, I love the real thing. That also fits in with current trends.”

Anthurium with a contemporary twist   

What is also current, is to give the Anthurium a contemporary twist. Alex: “You need to give the plant some ‘body’. So place them in a group together, so that their sturdy character shows through. You could place them in canvas bags, or put 10 of them together in a striking wheelbarrow. I would then choose white Anthuriums, because I love these the most.”

What is your favourite colour for this flower?