Indoor colour therapy is the new feng shui

With Bromeliads you can bring out the best in yourself!

Do you know the feeling when you walk in somewhere and get the sense straightaway that the home has a pleasant feel? The Bromeliad’s colours help to make every space your favourite room.

Bromeliad Indoor colour therapy is the new feng shui

You’re probably familiar with feng shui as ‘acupuncture for your home’. It’s about placing your furniture in such a way that the ‘chi’ (energy) can move around freely. The same principle can be applied with colours. This is called chromotherapy, whereby colour is seen as a type of matter* which emits a certain energy. This not only determines the atmosphere in a room, but also how people feel within it. You can achieve this effect by giving the walls or furniture a particular colour. But it’s quicker and easier to strategically position a couple of plants in order to push the mood in the right direction. Bromeliads are perfect for this, because they have such unique, strong colours. 

Which Bromeliad has which effect? 

Blue refreshes and cools, making Aechmea 'Blue Rain' the perfect companion for your bathroom and study. 
Green stimulates growth and harmony. With the green and pink Pineapple plant you may have less squabbling in the playroom. 
Red represents power and energy. A couple of Guzmanias on the kitchen worktop can help you to start cooking healthily instead of ordering in. 
encourages spirituality and thought, so you could place a Tillandsia in your meditation spot or on your desk. 
Pink evokes feelings of relaxation and romance, so a pink Guzmania or Aechmea is great in your bedroom.
Orange has a warming and socially enlivening effect; Vriesea’s cheerful feathers, spears and flame shapes are well-suited to the living room.
Yellow is stimulating and creates a sense of authority, so yellow Guzmania and Vriesea are excellent Bromeliads for places where decisions need to be made, such as offices. 

* A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy