Bromeliads bring balance to your interior

Yin & Yang in a cheerful green wrapper

If you look around home furnishings stores nowadays, you will see business-like desks in soft colours and rugged speakers in the shape of a handbag. The Bromeliad is the perfect plant for reinforcing this indoor equality. 

Bromelia brengt balans in je interieur

Equality is a new trend reflected in home decor styles. The plant is no more important than the pot, plastic has the same value as natural materials, and angular shapes are not represented more than curved ones - they are all equal. 

Bromeliad as living link 

You can also achieve this effect with Bromeliads like Vriesea, Guzmania, Tillandsia, Aechmea and Pineapple plant. Combine the pointy eye-catching specimens with soft, smooth materials such as shiny pots, cork or polished wood to achieve that new equilibrium. This creates a cheerful, friendly balance without drowning the interior in decorative elements. The Bromeliad it is also the link between living and  inanimate materials, and a fabulous houseplant for achieving a touch of summer feeling early in the year. 

Complimentary personalities 

Bromeliads are the perfect plant for this look, because they already have a lot of ‘Yin and Yang’ within them. Yin and Yang are Chinese concepts which refer to two opposing principles which complement one another like north and south, wet and dry, cold and hot, hard and soft, etc. Yin represents femininity, Yang represents masculinity. With Aechmea and Pineapple plant the hard, pointy leaves serve as a natural counterbalance to the pale pink bracts and the fruit respectively. With other Bromeliads such as Guzmania and Tillandsia it’s the other way round: soft, smooth leaves crowned by a bundle of sturdy, brightly-coloured, infectious chaos. Whatever the case, everything is in equilibrium for indulgent living.