DIY: Don't put your pineapple plant on the table, but in it!

All materials and shapes are equally important

In the interior style that’s all about integration, bromeliads are not placed on the table, but are incorporated into it. This gives an exciting perspective and new proportions - the curves of the tabletop contrasting beautifully with the geometric patterns on the pineapples. This design has a serene look in cool shades if you use pineapples plants, but also works well with other brightly coloured bromeliads. Whatever you choose, it’s a great display of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’. 

Bromelia Pineapple plant DIY

What you need: 

  • 3 pineapple plants

  • Potting soil 

  • 2 sheets of wood / MDF, at least 1.20 m long and 60 cm wide 

  • Jigsaw

  • Sandpaper 

  • Wood glue 

  • Large piece of cardboard

  • Scissors, pencil and brushes

  • Paint in 2 colours 

  • Large flower pot 

How to make it :

Step 1

Use the saw to cut one sheet lengthways, and one of the halves widthways. Use the cardboard to mark out the shape of the pot that is going to be inserted: ¾ will be below the table top, ¼ can stick out above it. Now mark out a vertical half lap joint under the space where the pot will be inserted, so that the sheets can be slid into one another vertically. Use the rest of the cardboard to mark out the curvy tabletop. Make sure that it remains as long or slightly longer than the longest part of the frame. Finally, mark out the hole into which the pot will be inserted. Cut out all the elements and sand down the edges. 

Step 2

Paint the three elements in the colours of your choice and plant the pineapples plants in the pot.  

Step 3

Assemble a frame and glue the elements together at the half lap joint. Place the pot of pineapples plants in the place you’ve sawn out. Place the tabletop over the top and glue it in position if necessary.