This is how you make a hydrangea wreath

Fun DIY idea for inside or out

Blue, purple, green, pink and a whole lot of shades in between: you will bring the most beautiful hydrangea colours together with this wreath by ElementsofStyleBlog.

Tips for making a hydrangea wreathCopyright:
You can easily make your own hydrangea wreath with Funnyhowflowersdothat

A wreath of hydrangeas

This hydrangea wreath isn’t only lovely on your front door; it also looks great indoors, on the chimney breast, against a bare wall, or on the table during a special dinner, for example. You can make this flowery eye catcher entirely yourself, so it’s also a bit of fun.


What you need and the step by step guide

This is what you need to make a hydrangea wreath:

  • A couple of hydrangeas in your favourite colours
  • A can of hairspray
  • A polystyrene ring
  • Pins
  • A jute or canvas ribbon
  • Secateurs

Cut a couple of stems from your hydrangea and let these hang on your washing line for a couple of days. When they are dry, follow the step by step guide to making the wreath, on the ElementsofStyleBlog website.

We wish you lots of DIY pleasure!