DIY: Pot and plant trellis

A lush, green curtain

Climbing plants on a trellis will create little corners of extra privacy in no time. Because climbers grow so quickly, you can enjoy a natural wall soon after planting. They take up little space on the ground, whilst higher up, the green curtain becomes fuller. An excellent addition to your outdoor space! 


Balcony and patio favourites

Many climbing plants do very well in pots, and are therefore popular for less spacious outdoor areas like a balcony or patio. Of course you can also plant them in the soil and let them climb up the wall. One excellent climber is the Mandevilla. This plant flowers tirelessly all through the summer, even without being in full sun. 

Other good climbers are the Passiflora with its exotic flowers, the beautifully scented and evergreen Tuscan Jasmine, or the spring-flowering Clematis. Combine them to have flowers throughout the year. 

Tip: If you have the space to let nature do its thing, you can place several types of climbing plants together.  They will quickly seek out one another’s company and grow through each other. 

DIY: trellis for in a pot

No wall? No problem! Train the climber over a trellis in an attractive pot. It’s very easy to make a climbing trellis like this yourself.  Buy a wire grid from a garden centre or DIY store, and paint it in a bright colour. When the paint has dried, use pliers to cut away the corners. Cut away the wire at the bottom as well, leaving two spikes. If you want a tall trellis, repeat the cuts to make the spikes longer to create extra stability. Plant the climber in the pot and carefully insert the spikes into the soil in the pot. Guide the tendrils through your beautiful new trellis. Nature will do the rest!