What are your #plantgoals this autumn?

New season, great plans, green plants
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You don’t have to wait for the New Year to have good resolutions. In fact it's better to spread them across the year. The new season is a good time for some contemplation, and that will produce new plans and goals. So we’re posing the question: what are your #plantgoals for this autumn?

More, more, more greenery

More Greenery is obviously fantastic #plantgoal. An achievable goal that is guaranteed to make you feel better - which are two important criteria for a good resolution. Mix Tillandsias with flowering orchids, buy a hanging plant, an air-purifying plant, or take a look at our houseplant summary for some inspiration. Leaf through a plant book to discover a new favourite, or do the test to find out which plant suits you best in order to achieve your #plantgoal effortlessly.

Green redesign

Your home is already an indoor urban jungle. Great! Time for #plantgoal Green Redesign. Because you bought a plant, then another one and now they’re everywhere. Do something you occasionally do you with your furniture as well - move them around. Group them so that you have calming green zones in your room. Thereby choose pots that complement one another, and play with height a bit. Place plants on a stool, buy a (vintage) plant stand or hang them up. Final tip: put different varieties from one plant family together, such as Calathea.

Healthy plants

When you move your plants around, you do need to check that they’re in a good spot. Most plants do not enjoy being next to a heater or in a draught. Also check that they’re not in a spot that is too light or too dark. And there you are working on #plantgoal Healthy Plants without even realising it. Brown leaves, dry soil or bugs? Prune, feed, fight to help your plant become a  #fitplant. That’s the plant’s good resolution.

Greenery galore

In the bathroom, in the office or in the kitchen: plants bring life to spaces. Greenery Galore is therefore an essential #plantgoal for this autumn. 

A plant for everyone

The #plantgoal A Plant For Everyone will make your friends and family happy and the world a bit greener. Give a plant as a gift for all birthdays, parties and dinners this autumn. A missionary plant - also known as the pancake plant - for someone with a sweet tooth, a big ficus for a big new house, and a cactus for a casual plant lover (or someone who’s a bit prickly). Autumn has never been so green.

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