Thanks, plants!

Without plants, there's no life.

When you think of plants, you might think of the snake plant that sat on your grandparents’ windowsill, or the spiky cactus in your office meeting room. Yet plants also cover the steppes and tundras, and make our countryside green and picturesque. Just think of the heather on the moor, or the forests alongside motorways — and what about the fruit and vegetables we eat? These green beings we share our planet with provide us with enormous abundance and riches. We could do with thanking them more often.

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The history of plants is part of the history of the Earth itself. They are essential for our planet's survival. Thanks to their ability to convert sunlight into energy via photosynthesise, plants are the world's main producers of oxygen, and also the basis for most food chains. In terms of evolution, the existance of animals on land could only occur after plants had arrived. Without them, there would be no oxygen, no food, no animals — and we wouldn't exist, either.


It has now been proven that plants in the house make your life a lot more pleasant. They provide relaxation and improve air quality. With indoor plants and trees, and by creating various green seating areas in your home, you create a place where you can recharge. That's also the perfect place for a mindfulness exercise with plants! And did you know that plants are capable of creating a holiday feeling at home?

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Do you want to make every room in your house a bit greener? This green style guide full of plant tips will help you! Or dry your favourite herbs and spread a wonderful scent throughout the house. Making things greener is of course the most fun when you do it together. Engage your kids in a greener home with these playful tips, or visit a forest together to practice Shinrin-yoku and take that relaxed, green feeling home with you. 

Plants in your home workplace

Don't forget to provide your home workplace with plants. They benefit your creativity and productivity! This beautiful DIY plant wall for your video calls will also benefit your work. And are you familiar with the effect of colour on your career ? Discover what a greenorange or pink home office can do for you, get the best out of yourself and boost your career!


Since plants do so much for us, it would be a lovely gesture to give them some extra attention in return. So make the effort to get to know these living things. Water them regularly, give them a feed, and polish their leaves until they shine. Plants are life itself. Thanks, plants! Share your own green inspiration with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.