Since the beginning of time they have been there for us

Do you pay attention to biology? The ancestor of the first plants was a multicelled green algae. Around 430 million years ago, during the Silurian period, the first land plants began to appear. There are about 250,000 plant species. We can identify four main groups of plants:

  • mosses
  • ferns
  • gymnosperms (such as conifers)
  • angiosperms (flowering plants)
History of plants ©Happinez 2018 - Fotografie Peggy Janssen & Styling José Spaans


The last important transition in the history of origin is from gymnosperms (think of pines and spruces) to angiosperms, the "flowering plants" such as oak trees and rose bushes. From then on, a kind of leaf adaptation has ensured that all the reproductive organs of the plant are in a special structure. Better known as: the flower! That is why the flowering plants are the most important plant group on earth. Whether we notice it or not, plants are so important for humans and animals. 

Plant Power

Plants have been used as medicine and skin care products since ancient times. At the time of Hippocrates, for example, St John's wort was being used to soothe burns. And if a woman wanted to have a child then she would pick this herb on midsummer night. Naked. Cloves were used for toothache. Pulmonaria, or lungwort, is said to be good for ailments of.. you get it. In cultures where people work more closely with the land and Mother Nature, this knowledge is far more advanced. Eschscholzia californica, a nightcap, relieves pain when smoked and was used by Indians as medicine (don't try this at home! ;-) If you've had too much sun on holiday in Bali, you shouldn’t look surprised if someone cuts open an Aloe Vera leaf for you. In fact, it has been known to people since 2200 BC that aloe vera has medicinal qualities. And it is still 'on-trend' today, because it can be found in various beauty products and healthy drinks. Are you curious about more plants with superpowers?

The future is green

This 'ancient wisdom' is in the process of returning to our consciousness. Because as we move further away from nature with all our digital solutions and artificial intelligence, the more we are called 'back to nature'. Think of the vertical gardens in high rise cities for example. Shinrin-yoku is an inspiring example of this. Natural intelligence, it could just be the future..