Celebrate Father’s Day outdoors

Enjoy green

On Sunday 19 June we will be celebrating all fathers (including foster fathers, stepfathers, godfathers and grandfathers). Let’s make it a party in the garden or on the patio with gifts that will delight fathers of all kinds. How about a barbecue box, a refreshing cocktail or a plant with health benefits?

celebrate father's day outside | thejoyofplants.co.uk
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Add flavour to the barbecue

Father’s Day isn’t complete without a couple of vigorous sessions at the barbecue. Get the coals to precisely the right temperature, flip the burgers and turn the kebabs. Gift tip: put together a collection of rugged plants and herbs in an orange crate to make the barbecue even tastier. Think of plants such as curry plant, rosemary, garlic and mint


After a busy week at work, there’s nothing nicer than putting your feet up and chilling out with your favourite drink - preferably a homemade one such as elderflower lemonade or tea. Another good idea is to give your father a hop plant that he can use to brew his own beer. Too much work? A lemon tree is the perfect mix of rugged and decorative, and is also multifunctional. Use the lemon juice in a salad, make a refreshing lemonade with a couple of mint leaves, or slice up the lemon to garnish your gin and tonic.

Stay healthy

We want to enjoy our fathers for as long as possible. There are many plants you can grow yourself which promote health and can treat minor ailments. For example, red sage is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and positive effect on the heart. Aloe vera is the ideal house, garden and kitchen product in the summer for relieving sunburn.

More inspiration

Not sure about your Father's Day gift yet? Why not try a fun outdoor activity that you and your dad will reap the benefits of together? Alternatively, make your father happy with a father plant. Share your green Father's Day gift with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.

* Please note that edible flowers and plants are produced in special way so that they are suitable for human consumption. The cut flowers and plants that you buy in shops are not suitable for consumption.