Aloe Vera

Green source of healing and luck

The Aloe Vera is the lily of the desert, able to store enormous quantities of water in one go. If you’re walking through the desert with a dry mouth, this plant is ideal for quenching your thirst.  And if you have sunburn, skin irritations or acne, this helpful beauty is the ideal home pharmacy. The Aloe Vera is known for its many healing properties and is packed with amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This was discovered 3500 years ago, when someone noticed that a damaged leaf - a wound - on the plant healed immediately. 

Do check the instructions for using the plant before playing doctors to ensure that you use Aloe Vera in the right way.

Aloe Vera

Colours and shapes

The Aloe Vera has thick, spiky leaves and a short woody trunk. When it’s young, the leaves are speckled, and turn an ever brighter green or turquoise. Don’t expect any flowers in the first three years, but after that you will be treated with trumpet-shaped orange blooms. The combination of the rugged plant and its cheerful flowers look fantastic in a flowerpot.


The Aloe Vera represented joie de vivre, endurance and beauty in Greece and ancient Egypt; you can’t get more notable than that. Obviously this is linked to the active ingredients in the plant. For Muslims, the plant symbolises luck. In addition, apparently your dreams will come true if you have an Aloe Vera in your home. Nobody knows why that is, but if it works, who cares?


The Aloe Vera originated in Arabia and North Africa, and then travelled to South-east Asia, Central America, East Africa, South America, the West Indies and the Mediterranean. The plant, which loves heat and the desert, has thick leaves in which it stores lots of water to stock up for dry periods. It’s the camel of the plant world!