DIY: The quiet beauty of Aloe

Combine peace with attention to every detail

You can bring something primaeval into your home with aloe, which radiates ancient botanical stamina. That matches best with a pot which reflects that mood. With nature as your inspiration, you can bring your plant, the pot and yourself into harmony with an hour of mindful crafting. 

Aloe vera DIY

What you need: 

  • 2 Aloe's

  • Grey terracotta pot and dish

  • Turquoise furniture wax

  • Black paint + brush 

  • Attractive leaves 

  • 2 planks 

How to make it:

Step 1

Secure the pot between the planks. Coat the outside of the pot with the wax. This will soak into the terracotta, which will then feel dry again. If you want to use a different colour, buy a neutral base furniture wax and use some drops of colourant. 

Step 2

Paint the leaves black.

Step 3

Press the wet painted side of the leaf onto the pot as a stamp, remove the leaf and leave to dry. Then plant the Aloe in the pot.