Aloë vera as a spiritual green group act

Sometimes it really is the more the merrier!

A strong look and a gentle effect: place a group of Aloës together to create an instant mini-garden that also acts as an indoor ecosystem in the style of King Solomon. 

Aloë vera as a spiritual green group act

If you’ve been around as a plant for millions of years like Aloë vera has, you automatically start to radiate a certain calm. And that fits perfectly with the current interiors trend in which greenery in the home - in the broadest sense of the term - plays a leading role. Fossilised, dried and living nature are presented together as a kind of mini-garden. Now one Aloë on its own is already a piece of natural history. But it’s only when you put different varieties together that you see how diverse they look, with tall strong leaves, leaf patterns, towering rosettes and spikes that give Aloë a primaeval appearance. 

Holy plant 

What’s notable is that even in ancient times people thought there was something remarkable about the plant. Hindus believed that Aloë vera came from the Garden of Eden aka Paradise. Inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Egypt considered Aloë to be a holy plant. Aloë could keep away the Evil Eye, and played a role in the embalming of dead Pharaohs.  Amongst royalty the plant was seen as a status symbol: a king’s standing was measured by the weight of Aloës that he brought for a visit or wedding.  

Aloë has a good story

That makes Aloë vera a plant with a rich history and a good story that helps to bring equilibrium to your interior. Hard leaves with healing sap. The toughness of a true survivor together with the symbolism of its history and a rugged appearance that’s not too macho to boast a pink edge for your own indoor Garden of Eden.