Gardening together on Father's Day

Reap the benefits

Does your dad love gardening? If that's the case, we have the perfect activity for you and your old man on Father's Day: creating a vegetable, fruit and herb garden, which you can reap the benefits of together. Don't have much outdoor space? No problem! It's easy to grow deliciously healthy delicacies even on a tiny balcony.

 Father's Day gardening together |
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Green gift tips

You need the right ingredients and tools to make your outdoor project a success. You reap what you sow, so plan ahead of time what you'll plant together. If you dad doesn't have the right tools and equipment to grow some green delicacies, that will give you inspiration for what to gift him this Father's Day!

Gardening necessities

  • Cuttings and potting soil
  • Plants and/or seeds of your choice. For a small herb garden like the one in the photo, use chives, parsley and mint.
  • Watering can
  • Shovel
  • Plant food (optional)
  • Grow tray or plant pots (optional)
  • Secateurs (optional)
  • Plant labels to write down the names of the herbs/vegetables
  • Net (optional, to protect small, vulnerable plants from birds)

Mix and match

Let your eye lead your garden. Have fun and combine plants, vegetables and fruits together. For example, alternate tall climbing plants (such as blackberries, berries and cucumbers) with low vegetables and herbs (such as lettuce, garden herbs and cabbages). Experiment and let yourself be guided by your feelings, because that makes gardening extra relaxing!

For best results, please check...

  • This article about treats from your own garden, with tips on growing herbs, vegetables, fruit and edible garden plants.
  • The location of your vegetable garden. Do the plants get a lot of sun or not much at all? Adjust your plant choices accordingly. Lots of sunlight? Plants such as tomato, strawberry, cucumber, dill and sage are a good idea. Lots of shade? Then spinach, kale, mint and chives are good choices.
  • The usefulness of companion planting (combination cultivation). Did you know that it's better not to plant strawberries next to cabbages, but that they thrive next to tomatoes and radishes, for example?

Green inspiration and tips

Gardening is fun, but it does make you hungry! These ideas for summer delicacies will really get the party started. What are you doing to make Father's Day a green day? Share it with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.