Plants at work and in the home office

Stay relaxed and inspired thanks to positive effects of plants
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We cannot stress it enough: plants are your best co-workers. They’re good for your mental and physical health, your creativity, and promote peace in the office. Here are the facts.

Better, fresher air indoors

The air in modern office buildings is often less than ideal. Sealed windows rely on internal air circulation, with low humidity, leading to headaches, fatigue and irritated eyes. In winter, these symptoms feel especially prevalent as a result of freezing cold air outside coupled with the blast of the central heating. But plants are the saviours. Through photosynthesis and transpiration, plants release fresh oxygen and water vapour into the air, making the environment around them feel cool and pleasant.

More peace and creativity

Scientific research by NCMBI shows that active interaction with houseplants can reduce stress when compared to a task on a computer. Watering plants calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, and strengthens natural feelings of peace. So it’s a good idea to include a plant break from time to time, particularly if you have a desk job. Your creativity is also improved by having just one plant on your desk. Researchers at TNO (2007) believe this is due to the healing and calming effect plants have. It should be easy to persuade your boss to agree to a sansivieria or two.

Less noise and stress

Chattering printers, ringing phones, gossiping colleagues all make up the background noises of an open-plan office. But with the right plants in the right place you can still concentrate, because South Bank University in London has found that plants help reduce noise levels. They catch soundwaves with their leaves, reflecting them or scattering them. Place your plants in the corner for the best effect - or a few in a group is even better. They’ll win Employee of the Year in no time.