Discover the effect of an orange home office

And make plants work for you

Could you use some extra energy, action, creativity and positivity in your career? Something not too mainstream, and tending towards the bright? Then perhaps an orange work environment, including orange plants, is for you. Be inspired by this orange-toned home workplace.

oranje thuiskantoor
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the effect of colour-rich plants

Colours affect your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. By making clever use of this in your home office, you can make colours work for you and encourage certain behaviours.


Orange is a striking, energetic colour. Orange gets you moving and fuels cheerfulness, humour and enthusiasm. An orange home office can be a perfect match if you want to stimulate your creative brain, or if you are an introverted type but want to develop your extrovert side. Also, if you want to be higher in your energy, or need a lot of stimuli, this orange tonal setting is for you. Do you get easily overstimulated or are you stress-sensitive? Then orange is not a good match. 

Not sure if an orange workplace will help you get the best out of yourself? These tips will help you determine the right colour for your home office.

oranje werkplek


Of course, to give your career an extra boost, plants should be a main component of your home office. Plants have a proven positive effect on your well-being and productivity. They improve air quality, reduce stress, promote creativity and dampen environmental noise.  

In short: are you getting started with an orange home office? Then add orange plants! In our example, we used nasturtium, Bromeliad, tiger orchid, Hibiscus, coral moss, bittercress, Codiaeum and Philodendron.

more tonal colour inspiration

Inspired by this colourful home office, but orange isn't your colour? Then discover this green and pink setting. What's your favourite colour for your home office? We want to know! Share it with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.

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