DIY: a thoughtful Christmas present with a green twist

For book and plant lovers
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

What you give someone who has everything? Someone that you care about a lot? Or who has even captured that special place in your heart. Precisely! A priceless, thoughtful and botanical present. 

Kerst cadeau inpakken boek

A bit of magic

December feels a bit magical, doesn’t it? As if time is passing more slowly, sounds are more muted, colours appear deeper and daydreams could easily become reality. It's the ideal time to dive into your favourite Christmas stories, like Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol or The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. Scour a second-hand bookshop, charity shop or your own bookshelves for a vintage copy. If you see rings on the cover, dog-eared pages or an old library stamp, you’ve literally found a book with a good story. 

Writing history

Whenever you give a book as a gift, you should write a personal note on the first blank page. Why this book? Is it your favourite, or have the two of you referred to it sometime? A hand-written message turns every book into a must-read. Don’t forget to record the date and place. One day this copy may end up in a second-hand bookshop again. How cool would it be for it to have this little bit of history in it? 

Make it personal

You’re on the right path, but it can be personalised more. Does your beloved have a favourite flower? They’re bound to. Press the flower in the book, ideally on your favourite page with your favourite passage marked. A beautifully scented sprig of lavender, a cheerful gerbera, or Erica from the garden. Pressing flowers and including them in your gift lends that extra bit of TLC to your present. Does the flower or plant have a specific symbolism? Look it up, and include a note about it. If you don’t like the smell of old books, disguise it with a beautifully scented floral perfume. The one you use, obviously, so that your beloved always thinks of you when they open the book. 

Wrap up well, it’s winter

Christmas presents deserve the finest wrapping paper. We’ve written previously about the most stylish ways to wrap gifts botanically. Using velvet is bang on trend. Dark blue or black paper with an ochre or blood red velvet ribbon with a big bow - pure luxury! Don’t forget the mistletoe for an accompanying kiss. After all, it is Xmas.