The positive effect of a green living environment

Good for you, good for your environment
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Stress, depression, flooding, extreme heat, particulate matter, loss of biodiversity and more: unfortunately we as a society have to deal with these problems more and more. But did you know that we'd suffer a lot less from these problems if everyone made their living environment a little greener? Having more green around us has a positive effect on ourselves and our environment!

Green is good for you
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Many studies show that a green living environment has a positive impact on our mental health. Do we have to create extensive outdoor space for this? No! Research also shows that a drastic amount of greenery is not necessary. Even small increases in the amount of green in our lives yields health benefits and has a positive effect on our well-being. So whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, a big budget or tiny one, know that every little bit of green contributes to better mental health!


Are you trying to get more greeness into your life? Then let your neighbors participate! More green contributes to more togetherness and solidarity, so it has a positive effect on your neighbourly bonds. In a green environment people feel more involved and connected with each other, which creates a better feeling about the neighborhood in which you live. And did you know that people automatically seem to like each other more, are more creative and collaborate better when surrounded by greenery? A green neighborhood has many advantages!


In recent years, biodiversity - the variety of living organisms - has declined drastically. Many plant and animal species in the UK are disappearing and declining at a rapid pace. This is problematic, as the disappearance of just one species can have a major impact on our food chain. More greenery is needed for biodiversity, right away! The best way to get started? Provide a garden attractive to bees all year round, or create a garden or balcony that contributes to biodiversity!

Could you use some more green inspiration? Replace grey walls for a green oasis, turn your balcony into a green oasis or create a good mood by making your front door green and welcoming. Whatever you do, every little bit helps! 

Tip: whether you're knocking down walls or simply painting them, make sure to check the websites of your local council or other organisation to check for possible rules and regulations which might affect you. 

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