3 ready-made plans for your garden borders

Inspiration for a green outdoor space

Would you like to green up your home and outdoor space, but don't know which plants to choose? Don't worry, because we've come up with three ready-made plans to invigorate your borders. All you have to do is choose your favourite idea and copy-paste it onto your own space.

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tHE EFFECT OF A GREEN outdoor space

A garden, no matter how small, is of course beautiful to look at. But that's not all! Even small green modifications have a big effect on you and your surroundings. And that effect goes beyond a good mood. In fact, greening up your space improves your mental and physical health, even that of your neighbours! So what are you waiting for? Bring on the extra greenery and choose your favourite border plan.


Soothing for yourself and passers-by, this stylish and serene little garden looks fabulous thanks to a mix of green and white plants. For this setting, use the following plants: Plum Hydrangea, Lemon Geranium, Fern, Mini Petunia, Cypress, Zigzag Shrub (Maori Silver leaf), Foxglove, Viburnum and Geranium Zonale.

wit groen border geveltuin | mooiwatplantendoen


With this garden, you will enjoy a rich combination of powerful purple flowers! The plants in this setting prefer sun or semi-shade. For this setting, put the following plants on your shopping list: olive willow, Hellebore, African lily, Verbena, butterfly bush, Lobelia, Delphinium, Hebe, Osmanthus, Alumroot and Persian sleeping tree.

geveltuin borderplan | mooiwatplantendoen


Do you like bright pops of colour and giving yourself and passers-by a big smile? Then this garden with colourful plants is definitely for you! Use these plants: cabbage palm, bergamot plant, Phlox, geranium, Canna, stonecrop, Hibiscus, Judas tree, Mandevilla and creeping zen green.

kleurrijke border geveltuin | mooiwatplantendoen


Before you get started choosing the plants for your green facade, here are a few tips:

  • When choosing your plants, take into account the location of your garden and, based on this, choose sun-loving plants or shade-seekers. This is usually indicated on the plant label. The above three settings thrive best in a spot in semi-shade or sun. 
  • Alternate the flowering times of the different plants. That way, you can create an attractive garden all year round. 
  • If you want to take your green space to an even higher level, think about companion planting by making strategic plant choices.


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