Plants for every kind of balcony

4 planting plans and tips for a green balcony

Any tiny patch of outdoor space can count as a balcony, whether you have space to sunbathe or only room for a few small plant pots. However large your space is, it could always benefit from more greenery. With these four planting plans and tips below, a drab balcony will soon be a thing of the past. Establish whether your balcony is sunny, shady or windy and go from grey to green.

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how to make your balcony greener

Every balcony will benefit from having more greenery, but it's important to think before you start! Before buying balcony plants, it's a good idea to consider the location of your balcony. A sunny south-facing balcony requires different plants than a shady or windy one. Check out our four planting plans below and transform your balcony or terrace into a fine, green oasis of calm.

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Does your balcony face the sunny south, and are you blessed with a regular amount of full sun? Naturally this calls for balcony plants that can withstand direct sunlight and dry conditions. Place sun-worshipping plants in a hanging planter or plant pot and enjoy their beautiful colours and fragrances. 

Plants that do well on a sunny balcony include daisy, Agapanthus, jasmine, Campanula, Yucca, banana plant, lemon tree, Spanish daisy, nasturtium, olive tree, geranium, petunia, lobelia and herbs such as sage, oregano, rosemary and thyme

Note: If you choose tropical plants such as olives, banana plants and lemon trees, make sure that they overwinter in a frost-free spot

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2) plants for a semi-shaded balcony

Does your balcony face north, or have a lot of shady periods every day? Even an often-shady outdoor space can be turned into a green oasis. You just need to choose plants that grow well with indirect light and cooler temperatures. 

Preferably choose colourful garden plants to give your balcony a sunny feel, even though you don't have sun there most of the day. Place the cheerful bloomers in a cheerful plant pot or hanging planter, and you'll experience an instant boost to your mood! 

The following plants do perfectly well in semi-shaded conditions: pansies, Campanula, fuchsia, Rhododendron, daisy, jasmine, Camellia, ferns, ivy, hydrangea and begonia. If you're hoping to cultivate a herb garden, choose plants such as parsley and chervil which do well when not in full sun.

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Is your balcony quite exposed to the elements or facing in a direction which attracts a lot of wind? That calls for strong, wind-resistant plants that can take a beating. Once you've chosen your plants, keep them safe with sturdy, wide plant pots and hanging planters that won't fall over or be blown away.

Many grasses and herbaceous plants can withstand strong winds. Grasses usually grow a bit taller, giving a nice effect when the wind blows through them. Most herbs need a relatively large amount of sun, so make sure you have a spot with enough sunlight. If necessary, use a mobile planter for your herbs so you can move them around to the sunniest spot on your balcony. 

The following plants are suitable for a draughty balcony: Mandevilla, Buxus (bulb and spiral), Cordyline (Emerald Star and Festival Burgundy) and other grasses, Yucca, rosemary, thyme, bamboo and lavender.

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A balcony exposed to varying weather conditions requires plants that thrive in such conditions. A mix of sun-loving and shade plants is ideal. Put these plants in the right place (sun or shade, respectively) and change the spot if necessary (if a plant gets too much sun or shade).  

The following plants are suitable for an east-facing balcony and/or a balcony with various weather conditions: Rhododendron, Cordyline (Emerald Star and Festival Burgundy), rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, Camellia, lemon tree, Agapanthus, daisy and banana plant.

how to plant in pots

Balcony plants are generally planted in pots or hanging containers. To enjoy your garden plant as long as possible, put them in a suitable pot and plant them correctly. View the step-by-step plan below for planting and repotting potted plants here.

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If you've equipped your balcony with the right plants, then of course you'll want to enjoy them for as long as possible! The following tips will help you keep your balcony plants looking good:

  • Make sure plant pots have good drainage (via holes) so that water and rainwater can drain away. Especially for plants on a shady balcony, it's important that the soil doesn't remain too moist for too long, as this can cause plant roots to rot.
  • Plants in pots need water and nutrition more often than garden plants. Especially if you have a sunny or windy balcony, it's advisable to regularly check whether their soil is still moist.
  • Never water plants when the sun is shining on them, but instead water in the early morning or late evening. This way, you prevent flowers or leaves from burning and the water from evaporating too quickly. 
  • Don't have much space on your balcony? Go up high! Use hanging plants, climbing plants, planters on the railing or work with a plant trellis. Be careful of this if your balcony tends to be windy, as plants are more likely to blow over.
  • Choose plants and trees of different heights to create a playful spatial effect. 
  • Choose plants with different flowering times so that your balcony always has colourful bloomers. This way, you will enjoy a colourful outdoor space not only in summer, but all year round. 
  • The colours you choose determine the atmosphere on your balcony. Think about the effect of different colours. Shades of white and grey have a calming effect, while yellow and orange bring energy. 
  • Did you choose an evergreen climber? Make sure the pot is big enough if you want the plant to grow large, as it will be difficult to repot it when the plant starts to grow. 


Want to know more about greening up your balcony, terrace or garden? Get inspired by our examples, practical tips and DIYs and go from grey to green.

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