From grey to green

Discover what greenery can do for you

Whether or not you have a green thumb, it's indisputable that a green living environment has a positive effect on everyone. This goes beyond the happy feeling you get when you catch the scent of your favourite flowers, or the joyous sight of your houseplant in bloom. A greener living environment contributes to better mental health and connects you more to your neighborhood. As humans, we need this sense of belonging to live a happy and fulfilled life - that's something we can all agree on. 

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the positive effects of greenery

To experience the positive effects of more greenery, it isn't necessary to give your entire garden, balcony or street a makeover. Even small adjustments have a big effect, so plant by plant, every piece of greenery you contribute helps create a nicer living environment for yourself and others. Need some help getting started on planting in your outside space? Check out our handy step-by-step plan.

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One thing is for sure: any outdoor space, no matter how small, will benefit from more greenery. To make a limited space as green as possible, here are some concrete examples and tips. How about these 3 ready-made border plans, perfect for creating a small front garden or border? Or get started with a floral party in just one square metre of space. Do you have a small city garden? Then get inspired by these 4 stylish city gardens.

smart tips for going green

Inspired to start making your environment greener? We would love to inspire you with DIYs, trends and styling tips for having more greenery around the house. How about a second lease of life for your garden tiles, a showstopper garden bench and a relaxing oasis juxtaposed against a grey wall?

For an extra good mood, green up your front door and your balcony. And don't forget to add green to those unexpected spots, too!


However dramatic your transition from grey to green is, read on to discover just how much green can do for you. Share your progress with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants and #fromgreytogreen. 

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