DIY: a green welcome home

A good mood starts at your front door
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

When you think of a greener home, you might not immediately think of greening up your front door. That's a shame! With a green welcome, you will enjoy the positive effects every time you come home. Read on and discover how you can give your façade, staircase or pavement a green upgrade. A good mood starts at your front door!

klimplanten potplanten voordeur
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match plants to your front door

Will your façade shine best with climbing plants? Or will your pavement bloom with potted flowers? You decide which plants are best suited to your living situation and wishes. To help you on your way, we would like to inspire you with the following three settings.


If you don't have much room for a climbing plant, or if you prefer to keep it low to the ground for other reasons, you can choose beautiful plants in pots. Think of fingerlings, laurels and ferns, such as curly fern and tree fern. 


Do you prefer a combination of climbing and pot plants? With an exuberant climbing plant such as a buddleja bush you will make yourself, your neighbours and butterflies happy. Even if you don't have green fingers, this fast-growing shrub is easy to deal with. Combine this butterfly favourite with purple-coloured pot plants such as lily grass, lavender, catnip and bush veronica. That's guaranteed to create a purple oasis!


For an extra cheerful welcome, decorate your façade and plant pots with colourful splendour. You do not need much space for this, because climbing rose needs only a tiny spot. For a nice colourful effect, join the climbing rose to potted) plants such as dahlia, jade plant, rice paper plant, angel's trumpet, alumroot and butterfly herb.

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klimplanten potplanten voordeur
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  • When choosing plants, take into account the location of your front door. Do you have a lot of sun? Then choose buddleja, lavender or dahlia for example. A lot of shade? Then plants such as ferns and lily grass are a good idea.
  • Choose a number of evergreens such as lavender, ivy and lily grass so you can enjoy greenery perennially. When combining plants and flowers, also consider the growing and flowering periods. If you make sure that they alternate, you will enjoy a green welcome all year round! 
  • Before you start, check whether you need permission from your local council. If you're planning something on the bigger side, it's worth seeing if there are grants you could apply for or rules you need to check. 


Share your green transformations with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #thejoyofplants and #fromgreytogreen. Need some more inspiration to green up your living space? Find out how to create a green balcony and how to add green to unexpected places