Two bite-sized recipes for Mother’s Day

For the loveliest sweet-toothed mum
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Obviously your mother is the very, very, very best in the world. It goes without saying! So you want to do something special for her on Mother’s Day. Drop round for a cuppa, an extra long hug and a little gift. Like a beautiful plant, or something tasty. Or you could make something tasty with plants, of course! Bite-sized petit fours for the loveliest sweet-toothed mum.

Succulent cheesecakes

They’re almost too cute to eat. Almost … but you’re happy to make a greedy exception for cheesecake. With a cake base made of rosemary, lemon curd and lemon cheesecake, it’s easy to do.  The topping of meringue and fondant succulents lends the finishing touch. A couple of bites, and that’s another one gone!

Download the recipe here. 

Cloud-covered lemon cake

Is your mother a dream or were you an angelic child? Use it as inspiration! This lemon cake with rosemary comes with the most delectable topping: white candyfloss, a sprig of rosemary and a baby fig. Isn’t that sweet?

Download the recipe here.

Pixels & Kruimels

If you’re very good at two things and you enjoy both of them equally, you have to choose. Or, thought Joyce, you can combine them. Pixels & Kruimels (Pixels & Crumbs) therefore consists of two ingredients: design and baking. Two total different fields of expertise captured in one very cute name. Joyce of Pixels & Kruimels is a hero for anyone with a sweet tooth. She can conjure up a four-layer cake, something fruity or a world-enhancing, deliciously moist carrot cake in a flash. With Pixels & Kruimels she wants to make as many people as possible happy. And she’s doing well!