Your Potted Chrysanthemum in- & outdoors

Beautiful autumn colours on your terrace
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Did you know that Potted Chrysanthemums (also known as Pot Mums), are not only happy indoors but also love being outdoors? This will give you the best of both worlds.

Potchrysanten kun je zowel binnen als buiten neerzetten -
The Potted Chrysanthemum also loves being outdoors

The Pot Mums trump card is its colour. 

You can create an amazing effect if you combine different colours. What about white, yellow, pink, orange, red, purple or brown colours? You might not have enough room for that indoors, but it will certainly work on your terrace! Which is great, because the Pot Mum loves being outdoors, as long as the temperatures are above freezing. Place the plant in a sunny spot and ensure you water it two to three times a week. You will then enjoy this fantastic autumn flowering plant late into the autumn.


Also a great option Indoors 

Don't have enough outdoor space?  This houseplant will also look great in your favourite colour and in a lovely pot or on an attractive bowl.  You can find more background information and care tips about the Pot Mum in the Potted Chrysanthemum dossier in our Plant Guide.  By the way, did you know that we've got a whole board full of Potted Chrysanthemum on Pinterest?