The Kentia Palm on Lord Howe Island

Visit the Kentia Palm in its natural habitat

The Kentia Palm originates from the tropical Lord Howe Island. Why not visit the nursery there?

The Kentia Palm on Lord Howe Island.Copyright: Don Fuchs
The Kentia Palm on Lord Howe Island.

A paradise on earth, that is Lord Howe Island. The place where your Kentia Palm was born is covered in green forests of palm trees and pearly white beaches.

Visit the Kentia Palm nursery

You will find the only official Kentia Palm nursery on Lord Howe Island. Only the seeds used to be exported from the Island but nowadays the nursery also sells seedlings, which are exported all over the world. If you go to Lord Howe Island, you can visit the nursery and go on an official tour. Want to know more? Read all about it on the Kentia Palm nursery website.

Lord Howe Island, paradise on earth

Lord Howe Island lies off the east coast of Australia and was named after the British admiral Richard Howe. The island is now known as the most beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean. You can go bird spotting, snorkeling, diving, play golf, go for walks and a lot more. The group of islands has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1982, because of the beauty of the islands and their biodiversity. Do you want to know more about the island where your Kentia Palm came from? Take a look at the Lord Howe Island website.