Quiz: How well do you know your plants?

Find out how green those fingers really are…

From garden perennials to tropical houseplants, take our quiz to test your plant know-how.

Plant Quiz

Q1, Which of the following are non-flowering plants?

a) Ferns

b) Palms

c) Hostas

d) Cacti

Q2. Which plant, renowned for its lush foliage, is also known as the plantain lily?

a) Philodendron

b) Bromeliad

c) Arthropodium

d) Hosta

Q3. An extract from which species of succulent is used to produce tequila?

a) Aloe

b) Echeveria

c) Agave

d) Sedum


Q4. In which season do cyclamen NOT flower?

a) Spring

b) Summer

c) Autumn

d) Winter


Q5. Which of the following is not a type of fig tree?

a) Weeping

b) Fiddle-leaf

c) Rubber

d) Variegated

Q6. Larkspur is the common name for which towering flowering plant?

a) Delphinium

b) Foxglove

c) Gladiola

d) Lupin

Q7. Which of the following is NOT a common name for the popular houseplant Chlorophytum comosum?

a) Airplane plant

b) Spider plant

c) Ribbon plant

d) Money plant

Q8. What is the name of this plant, which takes these two strikingly different forms? 

a) Crespedia

b) Celosia

c) Camellia

d) Coleus

Q9. The Monstera deliciosa is more commonly known as what, thanks to its bold and distinctive leaves?

a) Swiss cheese plant

b) Zebra plant

c) Rubber plant

d) Mother-in-law’s tongue

And the answers are... *drumroll 

Q1, A - Ferns 

Q2, D - Hosta 

Q3, C - Agave 

Q4, B - Summer

Q5, D - Variegated 

Q6, A - Delphinium 

Q7, D - Money Plant 

Q8, B - Celosia 

Q9, A - Swiss cheese plant 

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