Seven houseplants to revitalise your home office space

Inject a botanical touch to improve your mood, boost productivity and your sense of wellbeing

The trend towards flexible working, and working from home, is on the rise – with a record-breaking 1.5 million people currently working from a home office in the UK, according to a report by the Trades Union Congress of England and Wales.

As we’re increasingly relying on home workspaces, we explore the positive connection between houseplants and the benefits of working alongside them -  from productivity to health and wellbeing. We've teamed up with botanical stylists RoCo to show you just how easily you can transform your home office with air-purifying, recharging greenery. 

Houseplants are proven to help reduce stress, making you feel more at ease in your surroundings, boosts creativity, and improving our mood and productivity. Not just a beautiful interior accessory, houseplants can help to inspire you while you work, keep you focused and boost your overall sense of wellbeing.

RoCo have found the best houseplants for your home office and why this shortlist are ideal for creating a stimulating environment. From air-purifying qualities which remove harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and xylene, to textured greenery that can break up the monotony of harsh office equipment – there’s a houseplant to suit every workspace.

Golden pothos ‘Devil’s Ivy’


With its marbled textured leaves, devil’s ivy adds a real sense of style to your workspace. Its superior air-purifying powers will filter out pollutants such as benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and formaldehyde – all which can be found in desk varnish and even wall paint! Your space will not only look good but will feel like a more refreshing, energising place to meet those last-minute deadlines.

Top tip: This hardy plant survives in low light and only needs intermittent watering.

Philodendron scandens ‘Heartleaf philodendron’


This lush green leafy philodendron begins life with a pinkish hue, gradually darkening to a deep blue-green, perfect for revitalising a home office space, helping keep it feeling fresh and new. Its dramatic heart-shaped leaves can even help remove indoor air pollution – look no further for your perfect home office desk companion.

Top tip: This easy-to-grow plants can handle darker spaces with less natural light and can thrive in a small pot for years with very little maintenance.



Nicknamed the ‘Swiss cheese plant’ for the holes in its leaves, the monstera deliciosa was voted Office Plant of the Year in 2018 due to its ability to purify air and ability to hide unsightly office equipment. This is a feature plant for the room, injecting big blocks of green and organic shapes to grey and dreary corners.

Top tip: This plant is happiest in bright, indirect light so it’s perfect for filling a vacant corner.

Monstera monkey mask


This distinctive and playful houseplant brings a sense of creativity and inspiration to your home office. The monstera adansonii is the showy little brother of the better-known monstera deliciosa, famed for its more exaggerated, perforated leaves. This distinctive plant is an Instagrammer’s dream, with fans swooning over its delicate silhouette. Allow a little more room on your desk or shelf, for this houseplant to take centre stage. Its deep green hue will conjure the enchantment of distant tropical rainforests while you work on that deadline.

Top tip: Most suited to a warm and humid room with indirect or filtered light.  It’s a speedy grower in spring and summer.

Dracaena compacta


This dramatic houseplant should take pride of place on any desk. Its tall, slender leaves and firework-like shape can create a splash of green behind a desktop or monitor. Dracaena is a slow-grower, so it’s an ideal choice for smaller workspaces. It’s also one of the top air-purifiers according to the NASA Clean Air Study, and is especially adept at filtering out xylene and trichloroethylene, found in adhesives and stain removers – chemicals which in the most extreme cases, can damage the immune system.

Top tip: Reliable and low-maintenance, place this beauty in a spot that provides bright but indirect light.

Asparagus fern ‘Lace fern’


With its delicate, feathery leaves, the Asparagus fern adds a touch of softness to any workspace, breaking up the horizontal lines of your home office space.

Top tip: It survives well in a standalone pot, requiring only minimal natural light as is often found in home office spaces.

Remember to always keep your plants well away from the radiator during the winter months as the heat dehydrates all plants causing havoc to any urban jungle.

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