Monstera Monkey Mask

Playful attention seeker

The Monstera Monkey Mask, whose official name is Monstera Adansonii, is the brother of the well-known Swiss cheese plant. This green hunk also has holes - but with a different twist.


The classic Monstera usually has holes at the end of the leaf, as if someone has cut into the leaf. With the Monstera Monkey Mask the holes are more in the middle of the leaf, by the vein, and the ends of the leaf are closed - as if someone has punched a hole in the leaf. That gives this species a very distinctive look.


We’re not quite sure how this Monstera acquired the nickname ‘Monkey Mask’. But we can certainly take a guess. A cheeky monkey that was playing hide and seek behind the bright green leaves somewhere in the tropics whilst a serious botanist was braving the jungle in order to discover new plant species. A bit of a distraction, certainly! But a fun one. That makes this plant a playful companion - perfect for somewhere like a child’s room, perhaps!


The Monstera clan originates from Central America and is part of the Araceae family - the arums. They are liana vines from Panama and southern Mexico, and like to climb to great heights. They secure their fleshy aerial roots to tree trunks, rocks or the soil in the forests.

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