An edible picking garden

Taste and reap your happiness
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From tomatoes and fresh herbs for your tea, to the perfect spice mix for your favourite Thai curry: fresh herbs and vegetables are taste-enhancers. And they taste even better when you grow and pick them yourself! Even without a large outdoor area, you can create an edible picking garden. So what are you waiting for? Taste and pick your happiness!

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where should your picking garden be?

An edible picking garden can be created just as easily in a flowerbed as in pots or on a surface such as a table. What's more, working at height with pots on a table makes it easier to reach the plants and is less prone to weeds. In the above example, we used a growing table containing thyme, lemon balm, mint, curry and bay leaf.

he who sows doesn't have to reap

Don't have green fingers, or are short of the time and patience needed to make a picking garden? Of course, you don't have to sow in your picking garden yourself. If you plant flowering plants in your picking garden, you can harvest without sowing and have your own picking garden in no time! 


There are many different kinds of herbs, fruits and vegetables. But which ones should you choose for your own edible picking garden? We'll give you a hand with the help of the questions below:

  • Do you like to drink fresh herbal tea or a refreshing mocktail? If so, choose herbs like mint, chamomile, lemon balm and lavender.
  • What ingredients do you often use in dishes, soups and salads? Check your spice cupboard and the supplies for your favourite dishes. Make your choice accordingly, or get inspired by this article on home-grown snacks, packed with herbs, vegetables and fruit.
  • What kind of fruits and vegetables do you like? Do you like fresh figs, lemons, tomatoes, peppers or radishes?

tips for maximum success

  • Water your picking garden when the sun is low, for example in the early morning or late evening. To determine whether your plants need water, check regularly whether the soil is still moist.
  • If you do have to water during the day, do not pour the water on top of your plants, but on the roots instead. If you pour the water on the leaves, there is a chance the leaves will be burnt by the sun, because drops of water act like magnifying glasses. 
  • Need to pick some herbs? Don't pick them with your hands as they may contain bacteria that herb plants are sensitive to. Cut them off with sharp scissors to a few centimetres above the ground, so that the herbs can grow again. 


A picking garden full of deliciously fragrant plants will stimulate all your senses. But did you know that a picking garden also helps you to relax? Find out here how it can help you to clear your head. 


Need some more picking garden inspiration? Then discover how to create a picking garden full of colourful plants or get inspired by this picking garden for kids. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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