Relax in the vegetable patch

Clear your head
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We all dream of a vegetable garden, where we can grow our own food. They're famously relaxing spots, too — it's well-known that tending to tomato and aubergine plants can help us de-stress and unwind. Even if our garden is no bigger than one or two planters, we can still feel the mindful benefits from spending a few minutes outdoors with our seedlings. Read on to discover the three reasons why we find release and fulfilment in gardening.

vegetable garden
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From the office to the outdoors

Our modern lifestyles mean we all spend a lot of our time inside, working or studying. Sitting for too long is unhealthy for our minds, especially when our brains are working overtime. Deadlines and to-do lists give us a feeling of endlessness in our work, so a vegetable garden gives you the perfect excuse to close your laptop, get outside and start moving around. Feel the fresh air, listen to the birdsong, and delight in the spring breeze that clears your head of busyness.

Feel the dirt under your fingernails 

Nature has provided us with a deeply restorative relaxation exercise that's delightfully free for all. Rooting around with your hands in the earth, carrying out tasks like preparing soil, sowing seeds and potting on, all helps us get back into contact with nature, breathe easier and relax. When we put down our phones and free our minds from distractions, we find ourselves enjoying the present moment, in a meditative state of mind. Our heart rate slows, our thoughts calm down, and green shoots begin to poke their way through the earth.

You don't need to hit a target

In the garden, you can leave behind work targets, the drive for success, and the pressure for results. Here, our sole goal is pleasure — and sometimes 28 ripe courgettes. But even if our plants don't yield a fruitful harvest, it doesn't matter, because we're outside. Each season, we learn by observing what has gone before, making improvements where necessary, but mainly allowing nature to take care of itself. Breathe deeply and enjoy.


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