New Frontiers Style Trend

Speed, smart tech & our senses
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The future has arrived. This style trend is all about speed, smart tech and our senses. How can we remain in touch with ourselves in an ever smarter environment? We need to seek a healthy balance and find a new rhythm within a pace of life in where so much is decided, invented and expected of us.


In the interior this trend engenders the feeling that smart technological solutions can be found everywhere. Unusual metallic finishes, transparent materials with gradients and mirror effects lend to an overall sci-fi feel. Flowers and plants are kept as simple as possible, particularly featuring shades of purple to crank up the mystery even further.


In the garden this trend also takes a mysterious and futuristic form. We bring the same technological conveniences that we use indoors outside. The sense of a smart garden is reinforced by the use of colour and materials: disorienting depth perception, patterns with oily or iridescent effects that create a sense of intangibility.


The shapes are sleek, geometric or futuristic. What is notable is that the materials are more important than the shape. 


Purple and lilac play the dominant role. The gradients, metallic finishes and reflective colours are also linked to this style trend. 


The materials used are plastic, glass or metal or involve the use of glass and ceramic with an unusual finish. 


Colour gradients, graphic line structures and line drawings with perspective regularly recur as patterns within this trend.

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