Harvesting Elements Style Trend

Green sustainability

This style trend is about sustainability and our tomorrows. Our concern leads to more restrained choices and a new sense of responsibility. The sustainability of our immediate environment, as well as that of our entire planet is a recurring theme.

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In the interior this trend leads to calming interiors where rhythm and the pure simplicity of the product counts. The sustainable approach is leading to a real revival in recycled materials that retain their authenticity. This means that the composite, materials and products do not look perfect; instead, and they tell a story. Flowers and plants also play a special role in this trend: mono bouquets can be dried, or we take a fresh approach and place a colourful plant bouquet in a vase.


In the garden this trend translates in the same way as in the interior, but can be implemented even more clearly. The garden has been tidied up, has a clear efficient layout, and where possible materials are reused. The visual contrast is reflected in - amongst other things - the use of natural elements, such as concrete combined with shells (recycled from food). Nothing is wasted.


The shapes are simple and without fuss. You also encounter many natural, irregular and organic shapes.


Shades of white and grey is combined with black predominates, followed by shades of blue, accompanied by natural shades of green and brown. 


The materials used are varied and often created by bringing together multiple materials. These recycled materials are often uneven and coarse.  


Patterns that appear natural or patterns without frills are a favourite in this trend. Marbled appearance and spotted patterns, but equally a simple check or stripe for fabrics.

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