Plants, flowers, midsummer celebration

Oh yes! Summer is here. And how better to welcome it than with a midsummer celebration? Gather together the most important people in your life on a warm carpet of soft grass for a wonderful gathering. In the spirit of tradition but with today’s ingredients: flowers, plants, tasty food and drink and love. Love for nature, summer and one another.


Dancing around the maypole

In Sweden people dance around the maypole with friends, family or lovers at midsummer. The tree is decorated with jasmine, juniper, ivy, daisies and summer flowers, making it the natural centrepiece of the celebration. We’ve gone for a slightly more modest approach, and show you how you can make your own midsummer maypole If you’re not really a dancer, the maypole can serve as the central place for mingling with your family or friends.

Plaattaart met klimfruit uit eigen tuin

Snacks and cocktails

Of course you can also chat at the lavishly decked garden table. Need some help with the styling? We’ve got some great tips. All that dancing and chatting works up an appetite, so snack on grilled bream, smörrebröd, and a tart with climbing fruit and obviously a delectable midsummer cocktails with climbing fruit or hibiscus iced tea. There’s plenty of time for that since it’s the longest day of the year.

Good luck and dreaming about love

It’s a day on which you can sit with grass under your feet and a floral crown or plant comb on your sun-warmed hair, languidly dreaming about everything that the lazy days of summer will bring you.

Midsummer celebration for your interior

If the weather lets you down, just move your summer party indoors. You should decorate your house abundantly with plants, such as a botanical wreath, because that brings good luck. What a great season!

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