Tips and plant inspirations for a brilliant summer

It’s the time when the temperatures rise, there are ice cubes to freshen your drinks and birds never stop singing. When you can cycle to work, commute in your flip-flops, and also enjoy the smell of barbecues every evening. When plants are in full bloom and the sun lends extra brilliance to colours. That’s when it’s summer.

Summer in the sun

To celebrate this cheerful season, we've created some gorgeous summer how-to's for you to throw the perfect summer party. Dress the part with a wonderful hair accessory, sip cocktails from unique botanical ice glasses and finish off a delicious dinner party with scrumptious lavender ice cream. After a night of entertaining, you'll be exhausted! Drift off beneath a homemade dreamcatcher for a deep sleep full of sweet dreams...

Summer Trends

Are you looking for a garden that looks the part but doesn't require a lot of work? Create an environment that allows you to stretch the boundaries between fantasy and reality. If you're looking for a space to breathe, opt for the light, airy trend or for a garden full of bright colours and infectious patterns, check out our sizzling colour trend. Last but not least, surround yourself with circular shapes for a calming outdoor atmosphere with our natural nonchalance trend.

Beautiful images

On Pinterest you will also find our &Summer board full of plants. Get inspired, repin and comment as much as you like. Have you got your own summer board with plant inspiration? Let us know where we can take a look.

Summer plant tips are welcome

We are also interested in your summer plant tips. Send your tip to and who knows, we may use it in a summer article. You can also leave us a message on our Facebook page or send a tweet with #SummerPlant to @thejoyofplants.