January starter pack: get plants into the home

With greenery around you, the winter blues don't stand a chance
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Let's admit, winter is grey and drab, and without the Christmas tree cheering us up inside with the glow of lights and decorations, things can get a little miserable. Fortunately, there is a cure to this seasonal slumber – green energy. Here we explore how plants can help lift our mood at the start of the year.

January starter pack: get plants into the home
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The bustling holiday season is over, and it’s time to think about yourself. Take a break to recharge by caring for your plants. Watering and nurturing our green friends helps your brain chill out, allowing your thoughts to fade away and making us more calm. Give it a try!

Top relaxation tip: turn your bathroom into a spa. Run the bath and add lemon and lime wedges to the water. Create atmosphere by making a spray using herbs including rosemary, lavender and lemon balm for a fresh aroma. Alternatively, create your own green retreat. You can read how to here.


Do you work at home? Recruit plants as your newest colleagues! Plotting greenery on your desk and around the work environment is proven to promote creativity, improve the air quality (preventing those headaches and dry eyes!) and help to reduce noise pollution. Read more about it here.


Being stuck indoors all day doesn’t help the mood: stress levels are elevated and our energy feels low. Hit reboot by stepping outdoors everyday for a walk in a park or forest, and immerse yourself in nature at the weekends by spending longer periods of time outside. We bet that helps you feel like a whole new person!


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