All together now: we're going green!

How to create the best plant displays

Since you're moving things around in your home anyway now that the Christmas tree is gone, try grouping your plants together. They will make more of an impact together, and it will instantly give your home a new green vibe.   
Admit it: now that the Christmas tree is gone you suddenly feel the void and have acres of space and can easily create a themed statement corner with houseplants. Bring in a few new ones and harmonise them. Or - if you're still strapped for cash after Christmas - give a new twist to the plants you already have. For example, put all striped plants together, or all the flowering plants or five drama queens. 

Green companions

Plants like to be together. They give off water vapour, as a result of which the air around them is usually slightly more humid, which suits most houseplants well. A group of plants together also makes a stronger statement than some individual specimens dotted around the room. Be inspired by these various ensembles, each with their own vibe. 

All together now: we gaan groen doen!

1. Create a Jungalow display  

Combine two leading ladies (in this case a large Spathifyllum and a Monstera) with all sorts of different plants. Fountain shapes, trailing plants, plants that grow sideways - anything goes. As long as the plants are all green and the pots are the same colour, they will reinforce one another's effect and together they will create a mini jungle.

2. Casual chic: the botanicals trend

Anyone with limited space should opt for plants that particularly grow upwards. In order to keep it lively, you should vary the pots, glasses and vases, and echo the lines of the plants in a print. 

All together now: we gaan groen doen!

3. Living Apart Together

Grouping does not necessarily mean that the plants need to be next one another. These four together generate plenty of atmosphere and liveliness, but also each enjoy their own space . That way you can create a group that radiates calm. 

4. Plant bric-a-brac 

Do you enjoy finding treasures at flea markets? Put your plants together in your best finds. It also looks great to place a few cuttings amongst them or - as in this case - a plant that is recovering from being a bit off-colour. It reinforces the feeling that the old can look completely new again.  

All together now: we gaan groen doen!