Recharge at home with plants

Relax in your very own green hideaway
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Just like your phone or your laptop, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries. It's good to get away from all the stress, from people demanding things of you, and a head overflowing with information. Sometimes all you need is a short time in your own green refuge.

Recharge at home with plants

1. Choose a spot

With a few well-placed plants, it's easy to find your peace and quiet at home. Just don't try to switch off in a chaotic living room or amidst a mountain of laundry. Choose a spot where you can sit undisturbed, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. It also doesn’t need to be a separate room with Do Not Disturb on the door: a tidy corner will do just fine.

2. Screen and protect

Partition off the space with plants. For this, you need more than a set of mini-cacti. Opt for a couple of big specimens with sizeable leaves. With them, you can instantly create a foliage partition that lets everyone know you're in your 'stress-free green recharging zone'. Particularly suitable plants are Areca palm, Monstera, Yucca, Asplenium Crispy Wave and Spathiphyllum. They'll shelter you from chatty partners, fussing children and the beeping of computers.

3. Breathe deeply in the greenery

These fabulous plants do a brilliant job of sheltering you — but that's not all they do. As you sit hidden behind the leaves, you'll discover they bring a sense of peace. This is because plants release oxygen, giving you new energy as you breathe in the clean air. You've surrounded yourself with peaceful, living things that demand nothing of you apart from water. Breathe out, drop your shoulders, and relax in your own green hideaway.