The best plant craft projects

Unwind with a DIY

It’s so relaxing working with your hands, particularly when it involves plants. Maybe your home decor could do with a boost, too. Whavever the reason, we’ve selected our best DIY projects with plants for you to feel the benefits straight away.

The best plant craft projects

1. Kokedama with special orchids

Kokedama is a moss ball which acts as an organic pot for your plant. If that plant is a Paphiopedilum, you will be combining an elegant style icon with an idiosyncratic piece of moss in this craft project. You can then place it on display, or hang the kokedama up so that it’s in clear view for admiring glances.

Check out the Kokedama DIY.

DIY: coat hooks from the garden

2. Coat hooks from the garden

Even the sturdiest tree can lose some branches in a fierce autumn storm. Celebrate the tree by reusing the branches. By making these coat hooks with a story, for example. Pop your coat on and go outdoors to find a sturdy branch with some sidebranches. Your scarf and winter coat will soon be hanging on the hooks.

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Ficus DIY

3. Indoor mini-forest

With a couple of small ficus, some moss and mini Sansevierias and Fittonias you can easily create an indoor forest, complete with shrubs and a couple of pint-sized foresters. Add a nice bowl and this indoor wood will bring nature indoors.

Check out the mini indoor forest DIY.

DIY: decorate tea lights with Calathea

4. Tea lights with Calathea


Cut off a healthy leaf by accident from your Calathea? For one time only, we recommend it. Turn it into a tea light holder in no time, which will shine prettily through the veins of the plant. Perfect for an end-of-the-day yoga session.

DIY:  Green, blooming home altar to daydream with

5. Wooden plant altar

With a few wooden boards, your favourite plants and some paint, you can make an altar that literally puts nature on a pedestal. This way you create a beautiful green, blooming place as a resting point in your interior. It's beautiful for inside the home, and in summer weather the whole altar can also shine on your terrace.


Check out the plant altar DIY.


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