DIY: A mini forest to wander in

Lots of greenery, but still compact - you’ve never seen the Ficus like this before!

When it comes to Ficus, you might think of a green giant in your living room, but there are also smaller specimens. You can easily use these to create an indoor forest, complete with a couple of rugged lumberjacks. A dish like this fits perfectly into the new interiors trend in which fun green elements provide the highlights, and brings a more original slant to indoor gardening. It also works very well to cure the ‘bare trees outside’ blues.  

Ficus DIY

You will need:  

  • A large plastic dish 

  • Paint in your choice of colour

  • Brush 

  • Potting soil 

  • A couple of terracotta pots and a hammer 

  • Various ficuses in various sizes (not too big)

  • Moss

  • Mini snake plant (Sansevieria)

  • A few mini Fittonias

  • A few pincushion plants 

  • Model figures 

How to make it:  

Step 1

Paint the dish and leave it to dry thoroughly. Then fill the bowl with potting soil and plant the ficuses in it: these are the trees in your mini forest.

Step 2

Scatter the small plants amongst the ficuses as miniature shrubs.    

Step 3 

Smash the terracotta pots and use the pieces to create a path amongst the plants. Finally place the figures in the forest.