DIY: Kokedama with speciality orchids

Create a trendy indoor mini-garden with Paphiopedilum

The Paphiopedilum Liberation Front proposes that you free your Orchid from its pot. That’s perfectly possible since this houseplant has aerial roots for taking up nutrients and the pot is really only there to stand it up, which can be done more unusually and more naturally if you wrap the roots up in a kokedama (moss ball). It’s easily done and looks amazing.  

Orchideeën DIY

You will need 

  • Paphiopedilum

  • Sheet moss

  • Winding wire

  • Wire cutters 

Get to work 

Step 1:

Carefully remove the Orchid from the plastic pot. As well as Paphiopedilum, you can also use other unusual Orchids of course.

Step 2:

Fold the moss around the roots and try to keep as much of the root ball inside the moss as possible. 

Step 3:

Secure the moss by wrapping the wire around it. Keep the moss damp with a plant spray. 

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