Remedy against the blues

Unusual Orchids make you happy!

Suffering from the dreaded autumn blues? These tips (and some cheerful blooms) will help you make it through to next spring in a good mood. And yes, that has been scientifically proven. 


The blue hour, l’heure bleue, blaue Stunde - it means the same in every language: the moment before dawn and after sunset when the half-light is a soft blue colour. At this time of the year that happens ever-earlier in the afternoon and has a negative effect on some people. They have less energy, suffer a dip in mood and would like nothing more than to hibernate. Obviously that’s not possible so it’s worth taking steps to counter this. Getting outdoors, going for a walk and surrounding yourself with inspiring houseplants such as unusual Orchids can all help you feel better. 

Instant happiness 

…this has been scientifically proven. The presence of flowering plants and flowers triggers pleasant emotions, enhances the sense of satisfaction and has a positive impact on social behaviour. “Surrounding yourself with flowers and flowering plants is a way of influencing your mood in a healthy and natural way,” says psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones, chief researcher on The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study at Rutgers University. “We spent 10 months studying the effects. The presence of flowers causes an immediate increase in happiness and also has a positive influence on mood in the longer term. The presence of flowers also increases the contact with people around you.”

Easy care, ample pleasure 

Unusual Orchids are perfect for combating the autumn blues. The unusual shapes and magnificent flowers all provide the sort of visual stimuli that perk a person up. Think of them as a bouquet in a pot that you hardly need to worry about and can enjoy for weeks on end (sometimes even months). Place different species together in a large bowl for a spectacular look. To make caring for them as easy as possible, place them in the bowl in a soil sifter. Lift the soil sifter with the Orchids out of the bowl once every 10-14 days and soak the roots in a bucket for half an hour and they’ll be in tiptop condition. And so will you!