Hanging gardens

Flowers all summer long

A well-tended hanging garden creates a verdant paradise in a small space, while leaving you enough floor area to sit and relax in the sun. With enough water and some care and attention, aerial flowering plants will bloom and thrive, so you can surround yourself with a halo of petals all summer long.

Mix and match

Start your hanging garden in early summer, when the risk of night-time frosts has passed. Create your floating Eden by companion planting various small plants such as Pelargonium (geranium) Verbena, Petunia, Calibrachoa (also known as mini Petunia) and Fuchsia. Or place them in individual pots, so they each have their own space to grow and thrive. 

Pots and baskets

It is best to use a pot with good drainage to make the hanging gardens. Place a layer of gravel or pot shards at the bottom to make sure the water won't weigh down the pot. Then make sure to hang them up securely, as a hanging garden can get very heavy. You can create a plant cradles using attractive coarse string like in the picture below, or find a creative solution by tying sturdy rope to basket handles.

5 of the best hanging basket plants

  • Trailing geranium: a strong plant with bright flowers. 
  • Verbena: beloved by butterflies.
  • Fuchsia: sings with pink and purple trumpets.
  • Petunia: easy to care for, it brings summer to your garden.
  • Calibrachoa: a heap of bell-shaped flowers.

Hanging garden care

  • Hang your garden in a sunny spot.
  • Ensure the pots have rich soil, and remember to feed once during the season.
  • Give the plants plenty of water, particularly on hot days, but ensure good drainage.
  • If you are going on holiday, think of creating a watering system.
  •  Inspect your gardens in the evening and deadhead any tired flowers to encourage fresh buds.