DIY: fill baubles with surprising greenery

Display the loveliest sprigs and berries in your Christmas tree
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Do you feel life cannot be green enough? A house full of leafy friends, and a balcony bursting at the seams? Then add a bit more greenery to your Christmas tree by hanging unusual sprigs, berries or flowers in it. We explain how in this craft project with an enchanting effect. 

DIY: fill baubles with surprising greenery

Filling glass baubles

You use glass baubles to hang all that loveliness in the tree. We would note that this craft project is less suitable for small children or for people known for their knuckle-crushing handshake.

You will need:

  • Simple glass baubles.

  • Small sprigs, berries, flowers, feathers or anything you find beautiful.

  • Wooden skewer or knitting needle.

  • Hooks for hanging baubles.

How it works

  • Carefully remove the cap from the opening on the bauble.

  • Delicately work a sprig inside. Be careful - you don’t want to break the bauble.

  • If the sprig is flexible, you can wrap it around a skewer or knitting needle in a spiral. You insert this into the bauble, and carefully push the sprig downwards whilst withdrawing the skewer/needle.

  • Hang the baubles in the tree, or wrap them up beautifully with an nice card and give them to a favourite plant lover in your family, street or workplace.

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