DIY: moss as tablecloth

Fairytale tables

With so many wonderful evenings around the table in prospect, you may be running short of inspiration. How do I create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere? How to dress the table? Try something different by covering the table with moss. 

DIY: moss as tablecloth -

it may sound mad… but just let the idea sink in for a minute. Moss looks warm, natural, exciting and luxuriant. So hurry to a garden centre for a ready-to-use tray. Do check for any hitchhiking insects -  they’re not invited. 

Sleek or opulent

You have all sorts of options with moss. it’s easy to pull apart or to cut. Will you line it up neatly along the edges, or will you drape the greenery loosely across the table? 

Spectacular garden

Cut some oasis (florist’s foam) to size, and place it under the moss. You’re creating a world full of hills into which you can insert your favourite plants and flowers. A tabletop garden! Armed with some attractive golden scissors and a strip of fabric, the guests can select their own mini bouquet.