DIY: plant and flower imprints

Capture the Christmas feeling in clay

That lovely warm cosy Christmas feeling - hang onto it. It’s very easy to make delicate impressions in ceramics with flowers from your Christmas bouquet or sprigs from your beautiful ‘ugly’ Christmas arrangement. It captures the moment, preferably with your favourite and most creative friends.

DIY: plant and flower imprints -

Favourite fossils

The flower and plant imprints are really home-made fossils, since every time you see them they tell you something about the moment when they were created. Were you singing along with Last Christmas? Did you have the giggles and choke on a mince pie? Were you still fretting about the Christmas menu? It’s very easy to make these great fossils yourself. Just take a look.

What you need:

  • Clay

  • A cup or bowl to cut out the clay (so with the right diameter)

  • Baking parchment

  • Nail or knitting needle

  • Attracting branches (such as holly) and flowers

  • Thin but sturdy thread in your favourite colour

How to make it

  • Roll out the clay on a smooth surface between two layers of baking parchment until it’s approximately half a centimetre thick.

  • Press a flower or sprig into the clay and remove it again. Be careful - you don’t want to leave any fingerprints behind.

  • Use the cup/bowl to cut a circle around the impression.

  • Pierce a hole at the top of the circle with the knitting needle or nail.

  • Depending on the clay, you should leave your creations to dry or bake them according to the instructions.

  • When your imprint is ready feed a length of thread through the hole and hang it up.

Alternative tip

Make the impressions bigger and without a hole, then they can be used as a coaster.