Stylish Holly

Sublime Christmas decoration for cohabitees

You’re so excited to spend the festive period with your beloved. But then December turns out not only to be the month of celebration, but also the month of tricky interior design issues. What to do?

Holly / Ilex -

Fake snow and reindeer

For example: you want a Christmas with coloured fairy lights, fake snow and a reindeer on the roof, but your partner prefers sober minimalism. Or he/she comes home with a rather tacky Christmas decoration, just as you’re busy hanging up a cubist designer Christmas angel. Here’s a good compromise: opt for Holly.


A beautiful branch of Holly (also known as Ilex) appeals to both men and women, and therefore serves as an olive branch in Christmas decoration conflicts. The red berries create an instant Christmas mood without being too brash. At the same time a solo branch has something Scandi, rugged and robust about it. So select an attractive Holly branch at the florist, let your partner pick something nice to put it in, and meet under the mistletoe with the branch and the vase. Holly in vase, big kiss, a happy home.

Vase: Ferm Living