DIY: airy works of art

Hypnotic and unique
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In the serenity of Icelandic moods, you don’t need a lot to make a statement. Express yourself with these airy botanical works of art. To hang on coat hooks, over the dining table or as a modern variant on the Christmas tree. 

DIY: airy works of art -

You will need:

  • Flowers and plants that deserve a place of honour

  • Hoops (scarf hanger, towel ring, oven rack or hula hoop)

  • Hooks (Ikea)

  • Sisal string

  • Wire

  • Fishing line

How to make it:

Give your creativity free rein. Mix and match shapes, materials and sizes. Maybe you have a scarf hanger or towel ring that can serve as an airy work of art, or a child’s hula hoop that’s drifted over from next door. Even an oven rack can be transformed! Don’t make it too difficult for yourself - you can also make a hoop out of wire. 

Once you’ve gathered together the shapes, you get to work with attractive sprigs, loose flowers and unusual leaves. Thread or weave them through the hoops. If they won’t stay in place secure them with some sisal string or wire. Hang the airy works of art with hooks, or unobtrusively on some fishing line. 

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