At last! Inspiration for that magnificent spring feeling

Finally! Was it just us, or did it feel like winter would never end? So let’s get stuck in straight away and give everything a makeover. Hello nature, hello elegant wardrobe, hello spring-filled house, hello fresh energy! 

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DIY and kitchen queen

The spring dossier contains loads of inspiration for celebrating spring with the joy of plants - in your home and on your plate. Together with Dutch chef Yvette van Boven we created some delicious tasting and magnificently looking spring dishes: a hummus, falafel and tulip bouquet, and as dessert a pannacotta filled with roses and dressed with crispy honeycomb.

In two DIY's you learn how to dress your home for spring. There is a tutorial for a flower curtain made from real flowers, and a tutorial on how to create your own flower wreath filled with colorful tulips. 

Indoors and outdoors

Nature is blooming and so you can get stuck into the garden or balcony. Tidying, cleaning, all the preparations so that we can really enjoy our spring garden. And indoors? When you bring a colourful bromeliad into your home? Will you fill your living room with In & Out plants? Or are you so desperate for summer to arrive you’ll go for a tropical touch with the banana plant

Spring board

You can also find a &Spring board packed with plants on Pinterest. Be inspired, repin and comment to your heart’s content. Do you have your own spring board with plant inspiration? Let us know where it is so we can admire it!

Beautiful images

You can also find an &Spring board packed with plants on Pinterest. Get inspiration, repin and comment to your heart's content. If you have your own spring board with plant inspiration, let us know where we can admire it! 

Spring plant tips welcome!

We are also interested in your spring plant tips. Send your tip to editorial@funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and we might well use it in a spring article. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or send a tweet with #SpringPlant to @thejoyofplants