Put your indoor tree down (on paper)

Enjoy root patterns and leaf veins

If you’re enjoying the ‘colouring books for adults’ trend, or you fancy something that will utilise even more of your creativity, then why not try drawing your indoor tree. It’s simple: your model will happily sit still for hours, is brilliant at holding a pose and you can make it as impressionistic or detailed as you like. The apotheosis of mindfulness: focussing on the leaves and drawing them as accurately as possible. 

Craft tip with the kids  

A drawing project with indoor trees like this is also fun to do with your children, particularly during the school holidays. In this case, adopt a less detailed approach. Lay your indoor tree on a large piece of paper (use a roll of wallpaper for a very large tree), roughly trace its outline and let your creativity loose on the shape. Little ones can fill it in beautifully with finger-paints, while older children can also draw leaves and flowers and stick them on. Hang a successful homemade work of art in a frame next to the indoor tree to create a personal bond of real significance.  

Zet eens een kamerboom op (papier)